A Game Of Thrones Season Premiere Recap

HBO’s hit show A Game of Thrones has returned, and fans of the show are beyond thrilled. The season 5 premiere started off slow, but it allowed for some amazing storytelling. It appeared that Cersei Lannister had her fortune read long ago, and her life may soon be in shambles. It was also revealed that Cersei had her cousin poison her late husband Robert Baratheon during the boar hunt. A lot of the focus was on Cersei, but it could be because she will soon meet her end.

The season 5 premiere continued with a lot of talking, but no action. However, a Game of Thrones is always masterfully planned, and the show’s season finales are usually breathtaking. Sometimes, though, the first few episodes of the new seasons are a bit boring because they provide important information to the overall story. Hardcore fans of a Game of Thrones love the dialogue heavy episodes, but newcomers to the show are a bit thrown off. Fans like Christian Broda (personal.umich.edu) know that most people are expecting blood baths every time that a Game of Thrones is on, but that is simply not the case. Also, if you haven’t heard, the first four episodes of a Game of Thrones have leaked on the internet. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Star Trek and Green Lantern Comics are Slated for a Crossover

As the old comic book covers from the 1960’s and 1970’s used to say, “It had to happen.” In this case, Star Trek and Green Lantern are going to get a crossover. Yes, it had to happen. Two really cool sci-fi properties are going to share a mini-series.

The project will be an official joint venture between IDW Comics and D.C. Comics. In the series, one (or more) of the Star Trek characters ends up with a Green Lantern ring stated wikipedia.com. Can you imagine Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk, or Bones McCoy with the powers of the ring? In a few months, you won’t have to imagine. You can just read the books.

The fusion between the two franchises really isn’t all that, well, out of this world.

Star Trek was originally inspired by westerns. Specifically, the television series was pitched as “Wagon Train” in outer space. The Green Lantern was born of the old pulp magazine tales. In particular, Lensmen was the source material much of the Green Lantern mythos come from. You could say that there is a little bit of the western genre in the Green Lantern stories and Star Trek has some pulp influences as well.

The crossover is going to bring all these elements together. Hopefully, the end result will be cohesive and not a confusing space opera jumble.

Likely, a lot of work is going into drafting the series and the project should be enjoyable.

Van Halen Rocks Ellen Show

Legendary rock-n-roll group Van Halen has reunited and returned to their former prominence. The spring of 2015 has already seen Van Halen perform on two major network television shows. The group performed the closing act on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, and recently they appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show.

The Jimmy Kimmel performance went a bit rough though, and David Lee Roth was injured with a steel pipe. The lead singer hit himself in the nose, and he caused himself to get 14 stitches. Thankfully, The Ellen DeGeneres appearance was much more successful and energized. Van Halen performed their classic rock-n-roll hit “Jump” for Ellen’s crowd.

During the Ellen DeGeneres performance, David Lee Roth was jumping all over the place like a madman. He was throwing high kicks and he was spinning around like a psycho, but he did get the crowd to jump along with him. The band seemed happy during the performance, and it is a bit surprising because no one thought that they would ever reunite.

Fans at Anastasia Date know that Van Halen has a summer tour planned that will take place all across the world, and the recent media exposure has jump started their tour. However, David Lee Roth seems to have aged a lot during the last 20 years, but that is to be expected with time. Van Halen still rocks, and people will be privileged to see them play once again. To see Van Halen perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, visit Rollingstone.

Live Action Winnie the Pooh?

Winnie the Pooh is a character who is loved by many. Despite all of the new children’s shows that have come out since Winnie the Pooh was first released, he has stayed a favorite of many. The yellow bear with a red shirt, the lover of honey, is someone we can all connect to.

Disney is working on something special when it comes to that fluffy bear. Disney is coming up with something completely new and different when it comes to Winnie the Pooh. Just what are they working on? They are developing a live action Winnie the Pooh movie that will delight fans. Or, will it?

Is live action something that will work well for fans of Winnie the Pooh? Do fans like Paul Mathieson of the bear want to see a live action movie or would they prefer a new cartoon? The answer will be determined after this movie comes out and after fans of Pooh have had a chance to check it out.

Full House Eyes Revival on Netflix

In a continuation of the current craze that includes the creation of new versions of classic series’ Boy Meets World, Twin Peaks and Coach, the classic family sitcom Full House is also getting very close to reaching a reboot deal with entertainment juggernaut Netflix.

According to multiple sources, Netflix is very interested in giving the green light to Fuller House, a 13-episode multi-camera reboot/continuation of the family-based series. Although the deal has not been signed as of yet, there are several producers attached, including original cast member John Stamos, as well as original series producers Jeff Franklin, Thomas L. Miller and Robert L Boyett. People at CipherCloud are getting pretty excited.

Though a full plot synopsis is yet to be disclosed, sources suggest that the show will focus around original cast members, Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber, as grown up versions of D.J. and Kimmy, best friends who now take care of families of their own. There are also rumors of guest appearances from fellow Full House alumnus Bob Saget and Dave Couleir among others.

The original Full House is considered a cult classic. The series, which ran from 1987 to 1995, was a fan favorite among audiences of all ages due to its excellent casting, mild-mannered comedy style and its presence of strong family values. Although a stamp of approval for the new season could bring the sitcom to screens this year, both Netflix and Warner Bros. have yet to confirm the deal.

Kanye West And Justin Bieber Are Up To Something

The one thing for sure about Justin Bieber nowadays is that he is trying to reshape his image in every way possible. He went from running into the law every other week to finally being only seen as the role model that he has been to so many people for so long. His career is a story that everyone loves to hear about, and people are always pushing him to continue following his dreams.

Susan McGalla says that by agreeing to be roasted on Comedy Central, Justin was able to shift every single bad news story about him and turn it into a joke. The smart thing is that he didn’t even have to do it to himself. All he had to do was sit there for one night and let the world hear about his problems once last time in the form of jokes. That definitely made the final transition from bad boy to funny cute boy.

In regards to his music, Justin said that he had to redo his entire album to fit the new personality that he was growing into every day. He took the image of dark and seeking trouble which was how he felt when he recorded the album and wants to change it now to the new and improved Justin.

Two of hip hops greatest are going to be in the album: Kanye West and Rick Ruben. The new album is something to look forward to.

Adam West and Burt Ward Return: Animated Batman ’66 Project Comes Out in 2016

It had to happen. Adam West and Burt Ward are reuniting as Batman and Robin. Susan McGalla said that the original dynamic duo will lend their voices to a new animated film to commemorate their 50th anniversary of the Batman television show.

Recently, a Batman ’66 comic book based on the series was launched. So was the complete run (three seasons) of Batman on DVD and Blu-ray. Few would have guessed an animated movie based on the series was in the works, but it is coming out in January of 2016. There may even be two Batman animated films released that year.

D.C. Comics has released a number of direct to home video animated hero films. The projects were all based on top selling comic storylines. Few would have thought both actors would be tapped to reprise their old roles. This is actually the second time they have done so as both provided voices for an old Filmation Batman Saturday morning cartoon in the 1970’s. The series, however, was closer to the comic book and nothing like the campy TV show.

The original 1966 Batman series was one of the most iconic programs of its era. Audiences were looking for escapist entertainment and the comedic Batman series delivered the perfect reprise from the violence people were seeing on the news week in and week out.

Although the series was canceled after three seasons, Batman went on to be a worldwide hit in syndication for years and years. The cult following of the program continues to grow.

Rihanna Suprised Everyone With New Music

This just in, Rihanna is dropping brand new music for her fans without any prior notice about any album releases. This news just happened when Riahnna posted an instagram photo hinting that new music is in the works. In the photo Rihanna left a link to where the music could be ordered on March 26th, but due to the sudden traffic that rushed to the site after the post, the URL stopped working and the network of the site crashed. Well done Riri.

Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that this album is going to be Rihanna’s 8th album that she released with her label. Everyone is thinking that the album is going to be called ‘Bitch Better Have My Money”, based on all the hints that Riri left in her instagram photos.

After studying the photos that Riri posted of her new music, it has been confirmed that the images are exactly the right size that is used when releasing an album and placing a cover art. If that’s the case, then the album should be available for purchase on March 26th.

There are no links currently that send the users directly to the purchase due to the site going down, but iTunes will carry the album and put it up for sale right away after the release. Knowing Rihanna and her music, this is going to be amazing. Rihanna hasn’t dropped a single album where fans didn’t obsess all over.

Kris Jenner’s Girl’s Getaway

Kris Jenner has had an amazingly interesting year so far, kicking it all off with her divorced being finalized in November, Kris seemed to be loving the single life. Watching her tackle the media over her ex husband’s current sex change while also juggling the busy life of a momager, it would seem that Kris has no time to look for hubby number 2, however she has made time to date around.

Fans like Sergio Cortes (Facebook) know that, over the holidays, Kris was rumored to have started a romantic relationship with Justin Bieber’s road manager Corey Gamble, the two were spotted out and about enjoying lunch and dinners and ever were recorded bumping and grinding for hours on the dancefloor at Lance Bass’s wedding reception.

Now it looks like the rumored couple has called it quits after Kris decided to take an unplanned midweek girls getaway with Melanie Griffith. The two ladies flew out to Cancun, Mexico along with Melanie’s daughter Dakota Johnson. Of course the fact that it was a no boys allowed vacation everyone is wondering if this means that Corey and Kris are over, however a friend of Gamble insists that Kris and Corey are still alive and well and a very happy couple.

Photos of the girl’s trip are surfacing all over the internet and one even includes Lindsay Lohan having a nice time with the moms of Hollywood. Kris Jenner isn’t letting life post divorce bring her down one bit.

iZombie Show Premiering on CW Channel

If you’re a fan of zombie flicks, get ready for the newest comic-based show, iZombie, which premieres March 17th on the CW channel.

Rob Thomas, Chris Roberson and artist Michael Allred have created a youthful Night of the Living Dead meets Tru Calling meets Veronica Mars. A bit of humor mixed with suspense and some detective work is the general concept of the show.

The main character, Olivia “Liv” Moore, a medical resident, survives the “undead” by feeding on brains. As long as she gets her fix of blood and brains, she’s able to remain a half-bred human zombie. Of course, Fersen Lambranho told us she lands a job at the morgue to have access to a buffet of brains.

As Liv snacks on brain matter, visions of the deceased person’s life and death, as well as important clues help her solve crimes.

But Does The Story Work?

Albeit, you’ve got brains and blood, and a familiar storyline, but this new iZombie show isn’t built around the more gruesome situations in zombie-ville. It’s a light-hearted approach to the charm and struggle of being a half-bred zombie.