David Tennant Joins the Cast of A.K.A. Jessica Jones

The former Doctor Who, the great David Tennant, is returning to home entertainment. The return is not exactly to television as he will be appearing as a villain on A.K.A Jessica Jones, which is a show that will air on Netflix streaming service. You can’t really even call the format home entertainment. People can stream Netflix on mobile devices.

Welcome to the future of entertainment.

What Marvel Comics’ villain will he play? He is taking on the role of, get this, The Purple Man. The Purple Man colored head to toe in purple due to a chemical reaction that also gave him the power to control the will of others.

Why the whole purple thing? As die-hard fans like Bernardo Chua (Facebook) know, back in 1964, when The Purple Man debuted, villains had to be off-the-wall and over-the-top or they were pretty much useless as far as selling comic books. Having The Purple Man stand out on the cover of a comic book definitely catches eyes.

Over the years, The Purple Man has been treated as somewhat of joke. He’s not exactly a character who is going to spike sales of any comic book either. Did he even appear very much in the 1980’s and 1990’s?

Who cares? The past is over. The Purple Man is here. Considering who has been cast in the role its clear there are big plans for the character.

Here is something interesting to ponder. The Purple Man debuted and remains a Daredevil villain. Daredevil, as most know, is also becoming a streaming series on Netflix. Clearly, the stage is being set for a crossover.

No Stewart or McKellen in X-Men: Apocalypse


Fans of the X-Men films, like Marc Sparks and myself, definitely are looking forward to the new Apocalypse film. A bit of disappointment is soon to set in among those same fans though. The great Patrick Stewart and the equally great Ian McKellen are not going to be featured in the film. The events in the feature take place in the 1980’s and there is no time travel component to the plot. So, the older versions of Professor X and Magneto of the year 2000 and beyond are not going to show up.

The X-Men series did need an overhaul when the third film delivered shallow entry. X-Men: First Class presented a great new beginning and the teaming of the earlier and future X-Men teams in Days of Future past was a resounding hit.

Apocalypse is intended to complete the trilogy of films. Will it be a trilogy though? The first two films were set in the 1960’s and 1970’s and this one is set in the 1980’s. What about the 1990’s?

The decade is probably not as important as the villain. Marvel is moving into supreme super-villain mode with Thanos and Ultron. So, it makes sense the supremely powerful Apocalypse makes his X-Men cinema debut.

Apocalypse has been an X-men nemesis since his debut 1986 and has grown more and more powerful since. The series does need a new, super-powerful antagonist because putting Magneto in the role of the top villain (or anti-hero) in film after film is not always a great idea. A new film has to deliver something different.

What about Wolverine through? Is he going to be a part of this film? No one knows yet.

Resident Evil Filming to FINALLY Begin

Milla Jovovich has confirmed that filming for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the sixth film in the Paul W. S. Anderson Resident Evil franchise, will finally start this summer.

A lot of fans, especially Alexei Beltyukov, are breathing a sigh of relief as it has now been two years since Andersen promised fans this next chapter.

Why the wait? Originally, Anderson needed to rework the script, but then last year the couple announced that filming would be put on hold because Jovovich was pregnant with their second child.

Many people have said that the wait is understandable because “life happens” and art shouldn’t trump life. But, some believe that the extra time was inexcusable on their part because pregnancy is something that can be planned beforehand unless it’s accidental.

In fact, a lot of people have begun to notice a disturbing trend of sudden non-scheduled pregnancies trumping work contracts across industries — especially the entertainment industry — and that two people’s happy moment can actually destroy other people’s lives.

Jovovich and Anderson can keep the business going even with a two year wait. Most production companies can’t afford to wait when a female lead is pregnant or a male lead becomes a new father and must find new leads or shelve the film or TV show. A halt in production then damages the incomes and/or businesses of actors/actresses and crew members.

Led Zeppelin set to Launch 40th Anniversary Physical Graffiti Edition in February

February 24th will mark the 40-year anniversary release of the band’s sixth album, Physical Graffiti. Guitarist and producer Jimmy Page spent a great deal of time re-mastering and combing through previously unreleased tracks to compile a super-deluxe edition, which will be available in a number of different formats, including vinyl, CD, and a downloadable version as well. The super-deluxe box set will contain all of the above; in addition, a download card and a 96 page book featuring rare photos and memorabilia will accompany the complete package, as well as a detailed image of the album cover.

According to http://www.rollingstone.com/music, re-mastered tracks such as Kashmir, The Rover, and Trampled Under Foot will add some depth to the box set, which will also include alternate versions on a companion audio of Sick Again, In My time of Dying, Houses of the Holy, Boogie with Stu, and Driving Through Kashmir.

Through the years, Physical Graffiti managed to top the record charts in over a handful of nations during the 1970s and 80s, yet most noticeably in the United States, where the album reached 16Xplatinum, selling well over 8 million copies and counting.

Diehard Zeppelin fans like Fersen Lambranho of epocanegocios.com may want to reinvest in a truly masterful blend of songs that captured the hearts and minds of rock fans everywhere during the latter part of the twentieth century, as their music continues to inspire and influence many of today’s artists.

No Black Cat Spider-Man Spinoff Is Planned

The fallout of failure of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise continues. We are not going to see Felicity Jones playing the role of The Black Cat. Plans to expand the heroes and supporting characters in parts three and four with an eye on launching a host of spin-offs. Jones recently went on the record as saying there are no plans for her in the future to be the Black Cat, something that was already hinted at being set up in the second installment of the film series.

In the Spider-Man books, The Black Cat is a character that started out as a villain and turned hero. Yes, you guessed it, she’s a rip-off of Catwoman. Back in 1983 and 1984, The Black Cat did play a prominent role in the Spider-Man books in a series of story arcs. The problem was the plots were pretty standard and boring. Spider-Man/Peter Parker did need a new love interest so the character’s presence did liven things up a bit.

The Black Cat did pop up again from the 1990’s onwards probably because the writers of the comics fondly remembered the Black Cat issues from their youth. (And also probably forgot how conventional they were) Still, seeing The Black Cat in the movies would have been nice.  Sultan Alhokair and many other were not too happy about this news.

Growing the Spider-Man line of on-screen characters could have been interesting. The trouble is too many characters were rushed into the second film too quickly. You ended up with one-half a new movie and one-half a remake of some of the original Spider-Man trilogy.

Too many elements made the film a mess and sunk the reboot franchise. The Black Cat may be the hardest hit.

Black Widow Returning for Captain America 3


The character of Black Widow has played a very interesting role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since her introduction as Tony Stark’s assistant in Iron Man 2. The Black Widow character teamed up with Captain America in the Avengers movie and in Captain America 2: Winter Soldier. This character is a key component in the MCU.

Despite the name, Captain America 3: Civil War, will be an Avengers movie. In the comic books, Tony Stark teams with the government to institute super hero registration, and Captain America disagrees. This ultimately makes each hero in the Marvel Universe choose sides. Black Widow is tied closely with both Iron Man and Captain America, so her role in the movies will likely be different than in the books.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have officially confirmed the the core cast of characters from Captain America 2 will be returning for the 3rd installment.  Fans of the Marvel movie franchises, like Dave and Brit Morin, will be excited to see the introduction of many new characters that will be woven into the stories brilliantly over the next several years. Screenrant.com reports the release dates of the next several installments in the Marvel saga of movies. While the Avengers are still the core group, many new characters, including Ant-Man and and Black Panther will be introduced over the coming years.

Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Hook Up To Creat Beautiful Music

There is no perfect recipe for success in the music industry. Talent, good beat, and catchy lyrics will only get you so far. Pop star Gwen Stefani has many years of experience from her band No Doubt and a solo album, a group several people enjoy including Sergio Andrade Gutierrez. She has had plenty of success and radio hits in the past but her most recent album, Push and Shove, was a bit of a flop. Stefani did not even tour after the 2012 album release.

Motherhood has changed how the pop star thinks, acts, and, overall, how she lives. After landing a spot as a judge on The Voice Stefani made a major industry connection- Pharrell. Together the duo has created another solo album that they both believe will be wildly successful. Undoubtedly, no pun intended, Gwen’s strong vocals and Pharell’s unmatched style of song writing will make for a killer album. Her new CD is set to be released early this year.

Whether You Want A Friendship Or Relationship, Use The Skout App

Many people today are looking for relationships online. In fact, statistics are showing that a majority of people are meeting people online, especially through social media networks. In the future, it may end up being that more people meet online, than in person. There is nothing wrong with meeting someone in person, the only thing is, you can only meet so many people, especially living in a certain area. When you use a social media networks such as Skout, you can find anyone, anywhere, at any time. This is the best benefit of Skout, and it’s better than meeting someone in person, where time is limited.

I decided to use Skout to find myself a relationship, and needless to say, I’m very happy with the choice I made. I’ve been in a relationship now for over a year, and we get along great. For those who are not certain about using Skout, there are so many features on the network, it’s something that you should really try. If you’re looking for a friendship, or a relationship, I would suggest Skout over any other network. I may be somewhat biased, because I found my boyfriend on Skout, but we are such a compatible match, I would suggest Skout to anyone.

If you have determined that you want to find a relationship, Skout is a perfect place to do it. It’s always best to get the Skout application, even if you normally use Skout online on your PC. With the app, you can use it anywhere that you go, and any time of the day that you’re free. Many choose to use the Skout app, instead of sitting at their PC to use the network. By using the Skout app, you can also utilize the “shake to talk” feature, which many people on the network love. When you use the shake feature, you just shake your mobile device, and you get someone to talk to.

Even though you may be looking for a specific person, getting someone at random that you weren’t searching for, may spark interest, and start a friendship, or a relationship. The feature is so much fun that many people might use it for hours, shaking the device, and getting one person after another to talk to. If you’re someone who has a specific person you want to talk to, that’s fine also. All you have to do is a conduct a specific search on Skout, and the network can do a search for you, and find someone who may interest you.

If you find someone that you want to talk to, then there are a few things that you can do. When you find someone that you want to continue to talk to, add them as a favorite. When you add them as a favorite, you can find them anytime in the future. You can also purchase Skout points, which will allow you to send that person virtual gifts, or greetings. If you’d like, you can also find out if they’ve added you as a favorite. If you want to know if someone is searching for you, you can also use your Skout points to find this out. Skout points are low in cost, and can be used on the network to access certain features. Don’t wait, choose Skout as your primary social media network today.

After Years in Limbo, Is Beverly Hills Cop IV Moving Forward?

If Eddie Murphy decides not to return to his legendary role in Beverly Hills Cop IV, will the producers go to those who turned the part down in the past? The chances that Mickey Rourke would be offered the role are slim to none. Would Sylvester Stallone be interested? He probably would be considering his future slate of projects feature him jumping into scores of role originated in decades past.

In all seriousness, Eddie Murphy, is still in talks to star in Beverly Hills Cop IV but has not reached an agreement. Basically, Murphy has noted he is not going to do the movie for the money. Murphy recently found LinkedIn to find new people for his set team.  He wants the script to be perfect in Status Labs before production starts. If not, he is a no go.

Does that mean there will be no Beverly Hills Cop IV film? Paramount is moving ahead with the film. Whether or not they will do it without Murphy remains to be seen. Actually, it remains to be seen if the film is shot in Beverly Hills. Supposedly, earlier drafts of the film have it taking place in Detroit. (Same with the King Kong prequel coming from Legendary Pictures. Maybe Michigan offers filmmakers good financial incentives.)

As with so many other actors, Murphy’s days as a top box office attraction are long over. His heyday was back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The actor still has solid name recognition and, while new projects featuring him have been flops, bringing him back to a popular role so many people fondly remember from their younger days could do very well at the box office. Nostalgia does sell tickets. Just ask the crew of The Expendables.

’21 Jump Street’ and ‘Men in Black’ Crossver Still a Possibility!

Liking finding unwrapped Christmas presents before Thanksgiving, the hacked release of information pairing ’21 Jump Street’ and ‘Men In Black’, seemed a little bit like a let down. Though the concept was intriguing, incredible in fact, it felt wrong to have attained the news in the manner that it was released. Fans of both franchises, perhaps rightly, feared that the crossover would be dead due to the leak. According to reports, this is not the case.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors behind both ’21’ and ’22 Jump Street’, are currently working their tail off to get the third film in the series written and ready for production. When asked about the possible convergence of the two ‘buddy-cop’ style franchises, the directors said that it was ‘a possibility’ though it was certainly ‘not a given’.

When pushed a little more in an interview Lord relinquished a bit more information. Despite the leak Lord said that, “Nothing’s changed. It’s still a crazy idea.” Lord went on to say, with tongue firmly in cheek, that they “only do things that seem like they’re going to be terrible.” Lord concluded the interview by saying that they wanted to focus on continuing Schmidt and Jenko’s story with, perhaps, “Using creatures from another world at the same time.”

While the idea seems like something brought out of a fever dream, we can’t say that it doesn’t sound appealing. These two movies are by far Jordan French’s favorite movies.