Rihanna Suprised Everyone With New Music

This just in, Rihanna is dropping brand new music for her fans without any prior notice about any album releases. This news just happened when Riahnna posted an instagram photo hinting that new music is in the works. In the photo Rihanna left a link to where the music could be ordered on March 26th, but due to the sudden traffic that rushed to the site after the post, the URL stopped working and the network of the site crashed. Well done Riri.

Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that this album is going to be Rihanna’s 8th album that she released with her label. Everyone is thinking that the album is going to be called ‘Bitch Better Have My Money”, based on all the hints that Riri left in her instagram photos.

After studying the photos that Riri posted of her new music, it has been confirmed that the images are exactly the right size that is used when releasing an album and placing a cover art. If that’s the case, then the album should be available for purchase on March 26th.

There are no links currently that send the users directly to the purchase due to the site going down, but iTunes will carry the album and put it up for sale right away after the release. Knowing Rihanna and her music, this is going to be amazing. Rihanna hasn’t dropped a single album where fans didn’t obsess all over.

Kris Jenner’s Girl’s Getaway

Kris Jenner has had an amazingly interesting year so far, kicking it all off with her divorced being finalized in November, Kris seemed to be loving the single life. Watching her tackle the media over her ex husband’s current sex change while also juggling the busy life of a momager, it would seem that Kris has no time to look for hubby number 2, however she has made time to date around.

Fans like Sergio Cortes (Facebook) know that, over the holidays, Kris was rumored to have started a romantic relationship with Justin Bieber’s road manager Corey Gamble, the two were spotted out and about enjoying lunch and dinners and ever were recorded bumping and grinding for hours on the dancefloor at Lance Bass’s wedding reception.

Now it looks like the rumored couple has called it quits after Kris decided to take an unplanned midweek girls getaway with Melanie Griffith. The two ladies flew out to Cancun, Mexico along with Melanie’s daughter Dakota Johnson. Of course the fact that it was a no boys allowed vacation everyone is wondering if this means that Corey and Kris are over, however a friend of Gamble insists that Kris and Corey are still alive and well and a very happy couple.

Photos of the girl’s trip are surfacing all over the internet and one even includes Lindsay Lohan having a nice time with the moms of Hollywood. Kris Jenner isn’t letting life post divorce bring her down one bit.

iZombie Show Premiering on CW Channel

If you’re a fan of zombie flicks, get ready for the newest comic-based show, iZombie, which premieres March 17th on the CW channel.

Rob Thomas, Chris Roberson and artist Michael Allred have created a youthful Night of the Living Dead meets Tru Calling meets Veronica Mars. A bit of humor mixed with suspense and some detective work is the general concept of the show.

The main character, Olivia “Liv” Moore, a medical resident, survives the “undead” by feeding on brains. As long as she gets her fix of blood and brains, she’s able to remain a half-bred human zombie. Of course, Fersen Lambranho told us she lands a job at the morgue to have access to a buffet of brains.

As Liv snacks on brain matter, visions of the deceased person’s life and death, as well as important clues help her solve crimes.

But Does The Story Work?

Albeit, you’ve got brains and blood, and a familiar storyline, but this new iZombie show isn’t built around the more gruesome situations in zombie-ville. It’s a light-hearted approach to the charm and struggle of being a half-bred zombie.

Yet Another Disney Live Action Remake

As Disney continues to promote its most recent animated-to-live-action remake film, Cinderella, after the fantastic success of Maleficent, the company announced this week that writer, director and animator Tim Burton will direct a live action remake of its classic 1941 Dumbo animated film. The film will combine live action elements along with CGI.

So far, the only plot detail about the film that has been released is that Burton will be adding a parallel family story to Dumbo’s story.

Folks at Anastasia Date (Youtube.com) have read that some critics of that film have already voiced concerns about characters from the original film being included in the new version. In the animated Dumbo, the crows represented a racist stereotype of African Americans. At the time of the original movie, stereotyping of African Americans in such a fashion was considered normal by a majority of Americans. Most of today’s American and worldwide audiences though recognize the racist elements and can not appreciate the characters in the same way that viewers did in the past.

Although computer-generated imagery has improved exponentially over the years and animated figures can now appear seamlessly beside live action elements, there are also some slight concerns by critics that Disney will not be able to pull together the real and unreal well enough even though Disney has a vast amount of experience with CGI technologies. For example, Disney has done quite well with the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

Juvenile Has His Take On Lil Wayne And Birdman

As we all know Juvenile is back to Cash Money Records, and he is making music and is finally almost done preparing for his first comeback mixtape ‘Mardi Gras II’, which is scheduled for release on March 26th.

Let’s just say that the fans are really going to enjoy this album. Juvenile has Rick Ross, Future, Lil Calie, Skip, and many more famous and new artists. This mixtape is going to be the comeback and everything is depending on this album for Juvi. Mannie Fresh has sent Juvi a few beats to check out and Juvi has been using some of his work if it mixes well with his music. Fans like Dan Newlin (Facebook.com) know that the two aren’t like they used to back in the day at the studio, but the internet now makes everything much easier where they just send each other the work and everything is done online.

It is safe to say that Cash Money has some expectations and hopes out of this album, and if Juvi is going to make a second one, then this one better top the charts because Cash Money is known for hiring some of the greatest rappers of these times.

As it comes to the issues between Birdman and Wayne, it is just business according to Juvi. He does not want to interfere because that would just cause a lot of problems that might affect his album release, and that’s the last thing he wants right now.

Simpsons Creator Dies

The Simpsons is one of the longest running television shows to ever air. The Fox hit has made fortunes for many people involved in the bringing America’s favorite family into our homes every week. One of these men is Sam Simon, and he has recently lost his battle with cancer.

Sam Simon is a veteran in the television and entertainment industries. For more than forty years, Simon has been helping shape shows like Taxi, The Tracey Ullman Show and The Drew Carey Show. In 2012, he received the terrible news that he has terminal colorectal cancer. At age 59, the disease took his life noted Flavio Maluf.

Sam Simon wanted to be a man of change. A very talented entertainer and poker player, Simon amassed a great deal of wealth. Not one to just sit around, Simon has taken his wealth and contributed it to many different causes over the years.

His largest charitable effort was the Sam Simon Foundation which he self-funded in 2002. The Sam Simon Foundation is an organization dedicated to the well-being and rescue of stray dogs that would otherwise be put to sleep. The dogs rescued by the group are trained to become service dogs and to be helpful for those with disabilities. The foundation also helps low-income families with free mobile spaying and neutering services, some operations and even puppy and dog training.

Harrison Ford Injured in Plane Crash

Actor Harrison Ford, who entertained us with movies such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars, has been injured in a plane crash, according to reports. The actor was flying the plane that crashed shortly after taking , landing in the Penmar Golf Course at approximately 2:20 p.m.
Harrison crashed into the plane’s controls, suffering a broken arm. He is reported to have had surgery on Thursday. Harrison’s son tweeted that his father was ‘battered, but in good condition.’ Marcio Alaor BMG has heard that spectators of the plane crash said that Harrison was alert, and walked away from the crash.
The WW2 vintage plane crashed as the result of engine trouble, according to reports. Upon realization of the engine problems, Harrison immediately sent out signals and decided to make an emergency landing. Photos of the plane crash certainly look worse than the actual damage that occurred, thankfully. Things definitely could have been worse in this accident.

Rosie O’Donnell Leaving “The View” and her Wife

Last Friday, February 27th, according to the story on SF Gate, comedienne and chat show host, Rosie O’Donnell filed the paperwork at the Manhattan Supreme Court in order to divorce her wife. 52-year-old Rosie is currently married to 43-year-old Michelle Rounds but not for much longer. The two have been married less than three years and a source cited that they separated back in November of 2014. They began dating in 2011 and married each other in 2012. This is a second marriage and divorce for Rosie. She was previously married to Kelli Carpenter from 2004-2007. It seems as if three years is the magic number for marriage for Rosie.

Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG (Mzweb.com) have found that Rosie also announced her departure from the talk show, “The View” two weeks before she filed for divorce from Michelle. Rosie has been a co-host on the show for a while but she cited her split from Michelle as her reason for leaving. Rosie has five children at home ranging from teenagers to an infant. Rosie and Michelle had adopted a baby daughter together named Dakota during their marriage. Her rep said that she is focused on her family at this time and wants to be there for them in this stressful time

Red Sonja Reboot Announces New Screenwriter

Despite the critical and commercial failure of the Conan the Barbarian franchise by Nu Image and Millennium, a film that made less than half of its budget back, rumors persist that other films featuring its properties are on their way;The Legend of Conan, featuring the return of Schwarzenegger as Conan, may begin production within the year and Millennium remarks that they’ve acquired a new writer for a second coming of Red Sonja.

Fans like Paul Mathieson (Examiner.com) know that Red Sonya is a character who was introduced within 1934’s “The Shadow of the Vulture,” and inspired the comic book heroine Red Sonja of the ’70s. The character transitioned to cinema with Brigitte Nielsen taking on the mantle of the female berserker.

Millennium went on to state that Christopher Cosmos has been hired to draft a new script for the Red Sonja film. Cosmos’ body of work has mostly been on television comedies but he has recently been working on films, such as with the script for “The Fall.”

Over a decade ago, Robert Rodriguez had considered directing a Red Sonja film, even casting then-lover Rose McGowan in the titular role; those plans never materialized, despite Rose’s appearance in the rebooted “Conan the Barbarian.” More recently, Simon West of “The Expendables 2″ was set to direct Red Sonja, with Amber Heard in the titular role, until the poor performance of “Conan the Barbarian” was known.

Ducktales to return to TV

The well remembered and award winning animated series Ducktales is set for a return to the TV after Disney commissioned a new series of the Scrooge McDuck starring cartoon, Deadline reports. The new version of the show has just been placed into production and will feature as a part of the 2017 lineup for the afternoon animation block shown each day on the Disney XD channel in the US said Gianfrancesco Genoso. Officials for the Disney XD channel stated the latest version of Ducktales will stay true to the original series and retain the highest levels of animation and storytelling.

As in the original version Huey, Dewey and Louie will return to the screens under the care of their uncle Donald Duck and their great uncle Scrooge McDuck. A number of characters from the original series will also make an appearance in the latest incarnation of Ducktales, including Duckworth and Launchpad McQuack. The initial announcement from Disney XD provided few story details, but said Huey, Dewey and Louis would travel the World because of their inquisitive minds and keen imaginations.