Christina Aguilera Imitates Famous Ladies

Christina Aguilera doesn’t seem to have much time these days, especially since she’s working on the show “The Voice,” and she has kids of her own. Christina is a lot of fun, and she has taken the time to share pictures of herself imitating some celebrity females. Christina Aguilera. Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga were imitated by Christina Aguilera. The pictures were sweet and funny, and there’s one picture with Christina posing as Lady Gaga, and it’s one of the best.

Those who remember Lady Gaga dressing in an outfit that covered her literally from head to toe, including covering her face with mesh fabric, you’ll see Christina imitate the look perfectly. Fans like Christian Broda know that Christina even decided to imitate a Britney Spears look when she had the infamous ponytails that she wore in her video “Oops, I Did It Again.” Christina’s show, The Voice, is very successful, and it may take over as a new replacement of past time for those who used to watch American Idol.

American Idol will only see one more season, which will be the 15th season, then it shuts down permanently. The Voice has become very popular, and even though it’s similar to American Idol, the structure of the show is somewhat different. American Idol has three judges that decide the fate and outcome of the show as well as the voters. The Voice has judges that will mentor the contestants. Here’s to continued success of Christina Aguilera.

J.Lo Ignores Mariah’s BMA Performance

The Billboard Music Awards were a success this year and one of the most anticipated performances was probably Mariah Carey. For months it has seemed as though Mariah Carey’s divorce to Nick Cannon has cursed her career. Not only has she been blowing off rehearsals left and right, but lately she has been delivering consistently pitchy performances that leave her fans wondering if the end for Mariah is near.

After canceling one of her Vegas shows last week, Mariah was on thin ice with her Lambs. Fans everywhere have been keeping an eye on Mimi’s every move and once news hit that Mariah blew of rehearsals for the BMAs her followers were bracing themselves for yet another awful, off key performance. Much to everyone’s surprise Mariah actually managed to give an amazing performance and hit every note flawlessly.

Sam Tabar noted that while one side of social media was breathing a sigh of relief that Mariah didn’t bomb the BMAs, some were actually more amused with Jennifer Lopez’s disinterest in Mariah’s set. There is video of Jlo happily scrolling away on her phone, while Mariah was making a desperate attempt at a big comeback. Jlo probably didn’t mean to be rude, after all who isn’t addicted to real time updates of themselves?

Cutting The Cord, And Letting Reality TV Go

At the tail-end of the ’90s, reality television programs were at an all time high. This was innovative at the time, providing viewers with an experimental setting of humans set up for inspection and observation by viewers. Americans responded positively to this trend, and as TV networks are wont to do, airwaves were soon flooded with similar programs that stretched and redefined the definition till there were reality shows to cover all aspects of life from the common to the most obscure.

While networks may love developing reality shows because of their low cost and quick development, a trend has shifted in scripted television that calls for more ambitious and daring projects than before. And TV networks aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed this.

As reported in Bloomberg, Amazon Prime, their online streaming service, is getting ready to drop Viacom’s reality programming due to the low demand. In their place are dramas much like Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

The reason for this seems to be in their core business plan that discourages reality television because streaming services see it as a poor method for building customer loyalty and expansion.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, told investors that such shows don’t last with customers even if they manage to inspire interest initially. This came during an investor’s conference coming on the heels of the acclaim they received following the dark superhero drama Daredevil. Netflix is also known as being a favorite in Washington DC for the political drama House of Cards. The Daily Beast knows Daniel Amen agrees with this sentiment.

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Girlfriend a Year After his Passing

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died over a year ago from a drug overdose in his Manhattan apartment. Many friends, colleagues, and fans mourned his loss but none mourned his loss more than his estranged girlfriend and their children.

Mimi O’Donnell met Hoffman while they were working on plays in New York City together many years ago. The two became an item and soon had three children together. Fans like Keith Mann ( have learned that the couple both shared a passion for acting and theater, which they displayed through Labyrinth. Labyrinth is a theater in New York City where the two would often see plays, and where Hoffman would direct and act in them as well. After losing her life partner, she took a few months off from everything in order to help herself and their children begin to heal. A few months after Hoffman’s death, O’Donnell threw herself into her work at Labyrinth to help ease her grief.

O’Donnell has said that theater is therapeutic for her. Watching actors give it their all in the plays reminds her that there are more emotions out there than sadness. Currently, O’Donnell is directing a play called “Nice Girl”. The play opens on May 27th.

The full story is worth a read. Check it out on The New York Times.

Iggy Returns to Take Over the Summer (Again)

There is a debate about what will be the hit for the summer. Iggy took over last summer with “Fancy.” There was not a pop or hip-hop radio station that you could go to and not hear the song. It was addictive. Now the “Fancy” rapper wants to take over the summer again, and she brought along another female vocalist to help her out. Britney Spears is the new Charlie XCX for Iggy’s “Pretty Girls.”

The video was just released, and youngsters are going to think that it is something strange and bizarre. It may even seem a little alien-like in nature. There is a reason for this. The video bites scenes from the movie, “Earth Girls Are Easy” that was made in the 80’s. This is a film about girls from space did not become a blockbuster, but it was a cult favorite. Now Iggy is giving the film new life now though.

Iggy faced a lot of backlash last year. It was hard for her to reach the top and stay on the top when so many people – J.Cole, Snoop Dogg and the rest of the Twitter universal – were chiming in on her skills. People were saying that she wasn’t authentic. It made it hard for her to go on tour. She stopped tweeting and became a recluse. It is interesting to see her releasing another new single so soon. Folks over at Bloomberg wonder what Stephen Murray CCMP Capital would have thought of this new song.

David Letterman Is Leaving May 20

Well the time has come that all David Letterman fans have been dreading, the end to his show that has been on the air for 22 years now with The Late Show. The 68 year old tv host will be having his very last show on May 20 and it will be an emotional one, as he is still been a public image for many more years when he was on the Jimmy Carson show prior to getting his very own.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Letterman said himself that he was not going to be in the mood to challenge the big internet streamers like YouTube and other websites for fans and viewers. He will be succeeded by Stephen Colbert who is due to start the show this September and he will have a big standard to hold up. However, Colbert was the host of the very popular “Colbert Report” show on Comedy Central which he ended at the end of last year and it is without doubt ok to assume that his fans will follow him to The Late Show. I think that Colbert will do very well in his new spot on TV, and who knows, maybe Letterman will turn on the tube from time to time and see how his old show is keeping after his departure. Matt Landis hopes he can see all of that. It hasn’t been said that Letterman’s retirement plans are.

Obama Defeat on TPA Vote Leads Him to Work Closer with Democrats

Despite having accused his own party of acting with ulterior political motives, using unproductive inflammatory rhetoric, and lacking basic logic, President Obama is now reaching out to this party to build support for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). It is the natural result of having lost a key vote to advance the TPA bill in the senate. President Obama has hammered out a major trade deal with 11 mostly Pacific Rim nations called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). However, he claims that foreign nations will not ratify the trade treaty until the US congress first suspends their ability to conduct a lengthy debate process on the trade agreement’s passage and forgoes the option to amend the bill. Congress must also waive the right to filibuster the trade agreement.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell brought TPA up for a vote, but it failed 52-45, which shocked Adam Sender a bit. Democrat opposition has grown so intense that even the few moderate senators in the party backing TPA decided to vote against it according to Facebook. One of those senators was Ron Wyden. The Oregon senator says that he was swayed at the last minute by arguments that the trade deal lacks protections for American workers. He now wants a companion jobs bill attached to TPA before he will support it. The GOP was frustrated over the failed vote. Some GOP senators claimed to have worked out an agreement with Democrats only to see them withdraw their support at the last minute. The GOP does not support the jobs bill Democrats are demanding.

H&M Announces Plans For A Beauty Line

H&M has announced that it will develop a line of cosmetics, due to debut on September of this year.

Cosmetics sales generate over 10 billion a year in the Unites States alone. The Swedish retailer seems to be looking for a piece of that action directly, planning to debut a line that includes around 700 pieces this fall, including bronzer, lipsticks, nail polish and primer.

The line will be packaged in recycled materials, as part of the fast-fashion retailer’s plans to maintain green, eco-friendly efforts, with minimal impact to the environment. Ricardo Guimarães BMG likes that extra bit of touch, especially since it is being mentioned on Terra.

If successful, the line is set to expand to a total of 1,000 pieces, all between the prices of $2.99 to $24.99. H&M is already in the cosmetics game through their sister brand & Other Stories, but this is the first time the retailer will feature it’s own brand of cosmetics.

Fast-fashion and lower-cost cosmetic lines are not new news. In fact, it’s a big percentage of what keeps Claire’s and Icing in business. Color is key, and H&M is poised to become the go to beauty brand for teens.

Liam Neeson is a Patriot in 2016

If the negotiations work out, Liam Neeson will again be an action hero in a film called A Willing Patriot. This film is supposed to be directed by Martin Zandvliet (A Funny Man).
Liam Neeson used to be known for his dramatic roles like the one in Schindler’s List. He even earned an Oscar for one of these roles. Since Taken, he became known as an action star. He has joined actors like Sylvester Stallonw, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis who are known for action-packed films.
In the new film, Neeson will be playing a CIA agent who is known as the Patriot. He is trying to capture a terrorist who plans an attack on the United States. He will do anything to capture this terrorist and redeem his past life, even if it means that he dies.
Christian Broda is filled with anticipation as this new film is expected to premiere in 2016.

Movies That Could Have Had Sequels

One of the most common developments in Hollywood are sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots. While it seems like every movie is getting some kind of follow up, there are certain movies that people actually wanted a sequel to, but it didn’t materialized for whatever reason. Some sequels were at one time in development, while others are actually still in development, they are just taking a long time to get off the ground.

Blade Runner

Fortunately, a sequel is in development, and they even have a director for it. However, it took a long time for them to get this project off the ground. However, the film story was continued in novel form. Of course the sequel is not going to be able to adapt the novel due to the fact that it has been more than 30 years.

Escape From New York

Even though there has already been a sequel in the name of Escape from L.A., there were plans for one more film featuring the outlaw Snake Plissken. The title was going to be Escape From Earth. From what was revealed about the project, there was going to be sci-fi and horror elements in this film.

Total Recall

This goes to the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger starring vehicle. The ultra violent, yet mind stimulating film was originally going to have a sequel developed. The film was going to be directed by Jonathan Frakes. The title of Total Recall 2 was actually listed in the filmography section for Arnold Schwarzenegger for the DVD. The film was going to be based on a short story called Minority Report. Even though Total Recall 2 didn’t get created after all, a film by the title of Minority Report has been released. There is at least a very vague glimpse at what would have been the sequel to Total Recall.

One good thing that the crew of The Aspire New Brunswick noted is that it leaves open the question as to whether or not the events in the movie were real or implanted.