President Obama Thinks Sony Made a Mistake

In a recent press conference President Obama shared his opinions on how Sony was cowed by the hacking attack and how they made a mistake in choosing not to release “The Interview”. According to a recent Buzzfeed article, President Obama said that he was sympathetic to the concerns at Sony after one of the most devastating hacking scandals in recent memory has exposed a lot of the inside trade secrets at the media giant, but that he still did not feel the situation warranted shutting down the entire movie.

Sony is expected to take an estimated $80 million loss from canceling the film, and they are also worried about much larger losses from liability and other scandals associated with the recent hack. This could become a huge thing, so Gianfrancesco Genoso understands why they are proceeding with caution. Sony pictures did respond to the president stating that they did not have any choice in the latter because nearly all of the major theaters were refusing to show the film. Sony has been in talks with a number of various media agencies to try and release the film through video on demand or another streaming service, but so far has no found anyone willing to take on the movie. The threats of violence against any theater willing to show the film have caused nearly all major theaters to come out against the film. President Obama apparently thinks that the threats are a bluff and would like to see SOny proceed with showing the film.

A New Ghostbusters in the Works?

The Sony studios email system has been hacked and a lot of information has recently been leaked about the studio and its operations. One fascinating piece of leaked information involves Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt staring together in a reworking of the Ghostbuster franchise. According to the emails, this new take on the film would be a reworking and a darker version of the story. Tatum compared the new take to Batman Begins. It would show the dark side of the Ghostbusters and leave room for multiple movies to be made.

Sony has also had rumors of an all female Ghostbusters movie in the works. This movie would be a complete rework of the story, still comedic but retold and remade completely. Big name actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa McCarthy, and Emma Stone have all shown interest in working on this film. (Me and Igor Cornelsen are leaning toward this one, if Sony is ever going to make it.)

The GhostBuster movies of the 80s are huge hits and to see them remade in any fashion would be a wonderful movie going experience.

NY Movie Chain First to Pull Sony Movie, The Interview

The nightmare of epic proportions, proposed by the Guardians of Peace, hangs over the Sony studios continues.

The Carmike chain, which owns 2,623 movie screens across the United States, announced that it will not show the film. After the threats, the chain decided to pull their Christmas showing.

The film, written and directed by Seth Rogen, not Flavio Maluf, is a comedy with James Franco as protagonist in a comic tells an alleged assassination attempt on the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Moreover, a spokesman for the film Landmark’s Sunshine informed of the cancellation of the premiere of this film scheduled for Thursday in New York. Its opening to the public is scheduled for December 25, one of the the largest days for audience in US theaters.

From the beginning, the comedy has been the focus of hackers, who are suspected to have ties with North Korea, something this country has denied.

The Guardians of Peace have repeatedly expressed their revulsion at this movie, while distributing confidential information, stolen from the Sony studios.

Now this blackmail has gone further, threatening the public and movie theaters with a possible terrorist attack.

“The world will see the terrible movie that Sony studies have made,” said the statement from The Guardians of Peace.

The State Department said in a statement that it has credible evidence that there is no terrorist plot against the cinemas, but the threat has returned to remember the isolated incident that took place two years ago in Aurora (Colorado, USA) when an armed individual opened fire on the audience attending the premiere of The Dark Knight.

Following recent threats, Sony studies have increased the presence of security officers at its headquarters in Culver City (California). It has also urged its workers to use the fax, telephone and traditional mail, abandoning the habit of communicating through emails.

‘Star Trek 3′ Looking Imitate “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Success generally produces a slew of copy cats. That thought is as true at the box office as it is in other entertainment mediums. Therefore a number of films currently in some phase of production are going to try to reproduce the success of Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The surprise list of movies being rumored to attempt to mirror the success is the third film in the rebooted Star Trek franchise if Andrew Heiberger is to be believed.

According to Screen Rant, Paramount, the studio behind the franchise, wants the third film chronicling the adventures or Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock to embrace the levity and character development of Guardians. The move would be pretty severe considering the serious game changing tones introduced in “Star Trek Into Darkness,” but the huge success of Marvel’s film about a gang of intergalactic misfits proves that there is a huge audience for a property that does not necessarily take itself too seriously.

Interesting enough, “Star Trek 3” still needs a director, and with a 2016 release date quickly approaching, the studio needs to sort out story and script issues fast or that date could be in jeopardy. Basically, the film has enough stress behind the scenes at this point of the production phase without worrying about imitating other successful movies when the final product is completed. The appeal of Star Trek is pretty well proven, but unless the production personnel are in place, the sequel is stuck in neutral.

Karrueche is Fine not Being Drake’s Type

Last weekend while Drake took to social media to bash Karrueche for being disloyal and accusing her of cheating with Drake, Karrueche took the high road and ignored the cyber attacks by both Brown and his fans and followers. Drake managed to take time from his Diddy drama to address the allegations and clear up the misunderstanding stating that while he did see Karrueche in Toronto, it was only because he was hooking up with one of her friends. Drake later added that Karrueche is not even his type, because he’s an ass man. That was more information than Dave and Brit Morin needed to know.

Karrueche has been too busy enjoying the sun and waves on the beach to respond to Chris Brown’s apology or Drakes “diss” but of course once the media got ahold of her the big question was, just how does she feel about Drake saying she’s not his type.

As usual Karrueche remained calm and was all smiles as she let it be known that she has no issue with not being Drake’s type she even admitted that she knows shes not and “It’s all good.”

Cuba Gooding Jr. To Play O.J. Simpson

Cuba Gooding Jr. has been known to embody his characters in a way that no other can, and now the world waits to see if he can play the role of O.J. Simpson in the FX anthology series that will cover the trial of the century. Also starring in the film will be Sarah Paulson who will take the role of Marcia Clark the prosecutor that tried and failed at convicting O.J. for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson is said to start filming early next year in Los Angeles where both the murders and trial took place and while there is no office premiere date the excitement surrounding this movie is going to be a big push to start the series off on.

The Crime Story anthology will cover a series of true crime stories and promises to be producer Ryan Murphy’s next big TV hit. Fans such as Sam Tabar of Murphy’s other hit series American Horror Story can only hope that he isn’t going to burn out putting too much on his plate, after all the world needs it’s dose of creepy TV.

William and Kate Meet Jay and Beyonce At Nets Game

Pause your Qnet Christmas shopping! The Royal couple has been making the very best of their brief 48 hour trip to America.  From Prince WIlliam’s trip to Washington to meet the President to Kate’s adorable visit to a childhood development center where she was mistaken for queen Elsa from Frozen, the William and Kate have not missed a thing. While it seemed that the reason for the trip was all about fundraising and business meetings the Duke and Duchess showed us that they aren’t all work and no play. 

During William’s speech at a fundraising event William got a laugh from the crowd when he apologized for having to cut his speech short to go take in a game of basketball, little did they know the Duke was not joking. William and Kate shortly headed to Brooklyn and took part in the Nets vs. Cleveland Monday night and of course the royal fever at the game continued. 

Of course the King and Queen of New York Jay-z and Beyonce were at the game and made their way over to the royal couple following the third quarter of the game to offer them a warm royal welcome. Sources say as Jay and Bey walked across the court to meet the Duke and Dutchess “God Save the Queen” and “Crazy in Love” bleared through the arena, it was a truly amazing meeting of royal couples.

Photos of the meet and greet show the two couples chatting in a friendly circle exchanging smiles. Apparently Beyonce and Kate both chatted happily about their children and bonded over motherhood. Two young royal couples in the same room has got to be a sight to behol

IT. A More Terrifying Clown This Time Around?

I know I am in the minority when I talk about the mini series spawned from Stephen Kings “IT,” because I personally did not think there was anything scary about Tim Currys take on Pennywise. Clowns are nothing new to the world of horror of course, and with the latest season of American Horror under way, we can all see just how scary clowns can look

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Pennywise should look anything like the things we see in American Horror Story. Reading through “IT” for the most of many times, during one summer in the 90s found ways to terrify me more than any movie has done before. Whenever I watch scary movies like that, I try to shift my attention to reading to distract me. Articles about Laurene Powell Jobs are my favorite. I try very hard not to be one of those guys who always think the books are better than the movie, and I admit in this case I may be guilty of it, but I truly hope the latest iteration finds a way to deliver just how creepy he can be to both the kid in us, and as grown ups. 

The film will be released in two parts and I can see both the good and bad in this strategy, my only fear is with the kids of today finding it hard to relate to the lives of kids in the 50s. As always with news such as this, we will just wait and see. 

Adam Levine ‘s Smoking Hot Cover of R.Kelly’s Ignition Remix

Adam Levine has never disappointed when it comes to his talent. We’ve watched him and Maroon 5 for years and now we get a weekly dose of Adam on The Voice. Well Monday night Adam took his acoustic talents to a new level during the show’s after party for the top five contestants.  BRL Trust employees were talking about it quite a bit at work.

Adam took to the stage with his guitar to unleash a smoking hot acoustic version of R. Kelly’s Ignition Remix and the crowd loved it. From start to finish Adam proved just why he is the frontman for Maroon 5 and why the band will never die. Of course there is video of his amazing on the spot performance and it’s sure to make it’s rounds all over social media in the days to come.

For now anyone who ever doubted that Adam was an ice cold performer and kick rocks and enjoy this amazing treat.

The New Batman Really Is New

Fan Igor Cornelsen says there is one very positive thing about all the rumors surrounding Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Rumors equate with buzz. Good and consistent buzz about a movie indicates a lot of interest in it. Of course, it is not much of a stretch to suggest the film is going to be a huge hit. Everyone knows this.

Not everyone knows there are going to be some major changes to the Batman mythos.

The changes derive from a new setting that takes place the later years of Batman’s life. The Caped Crusader is semi-retired during the events of the movie as he has gotten up in age. The new Batman seems to be estranged from the original Robin, Dick Grayson. He might have a much different relationship with the police than previously depicted in prior films.

Are you noticing all the influences from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns? They are not accidental.

Not everyone may be a fan of these changes, but there were necessary.

One of the main problems with the reboot of the Spider-Man movies is we ended up getting poorly remade rehashes of the previous films. How much different is the new Spider-Man from the old Sam Raimi version? And how “old” is the “old version”? The reboot followed the original series within a very short period of time after the third Raimi film ended. This accentuated the “sameness” of the new series. Plus, the better version was still fresh in people’s mind.

Had the new version of Batman simply offered too similar of a take on the Bale/Nolan version, audiences might not go for it.

Yes, you will be seeing the Batman you are familiar with but you are going to see him at a different stage in his life. He is still Batman. He’s just older and maybe a bit more cynical.